Monday, October 18, 2010

Post – Nothing – Japandriods

 Why I Chose It
Um, the people on 4chan like it.
Live Blog
The Boys Are Leaving Town - Overdriven guitar. Second guitar coming in is happy sounding. These vocals are rough. But I like the obvious reference to that corny song "The Boys Are Back In Town".I like the guitar solo. "Will we find our way back home?"

Young Hearts Spark Fire - "You can keep tomorrow. After tonight we're not gonna need it". A very happy and upbeat feeling song. Youthful rebellion is probably the best way to describe it. "I don't wanna worrying about dying. I just wanna worry about sunshine girls." Get up and live your life.

Wet Hair - The song is about just a girl. Attraction. A fling. "Let's get to France So we can french kiss some french girls". Overdriven guitars that have just very basic riffs that have a very light feeling to them. The drumming is very good. 

Rockers East Vancouver - Its sounds like noise pop when they use stop and start guitars. That maybe what they're going for. The lyrics area bout growing up and moving out of your hometown. You want to leave, but at the same time, it's sad. You're going to miss your youth and the times you had there, but its over. The solo conveys a pretty specific feeling of resignation to it.

Heart Sweats - Nice title. Everyone knows what a heart sweat is and what it means. This song makes heavy use of repetition of phrases. But this music is pretty repetitious. Same sorta patterns over and over. The solo is even the same set of 4 notes, 4 times. But it's what the music is. The drums in this song have a tribal feeling about them. The bass line here is interesting. 

Crazy/ Forever - the intro guitar riff is pretty dancy feeling. I can dig it. Only 3 lines. Songs benefit a lot by being brief in their lyrical content sometimes. I like this song. The whole thing just goes on for a long time but in a good way. It's fun to just listen to them play. You can hear the emotion coming through the instrumentals. 

Sovereignty - this song isn't as vocally abrasive as the other ones. It sounds softer, more intimate. The lyrics are about running away with a girl. About being alone with someone out in the world. Leaving everything behind and just going after it. It's another good song

I Quit Girls - Nice title. Who needs them anyway, Mr. "I just a whole CD about them". An odd feeling ending song. He clearly feels an aversion to them at the same time he spends all his time thinking about them. He's saying "they torture us, and we keep coming back for more. You know what, I'm done with all of it. What a waste of time." Well maybe you can keep that promise, but I doubt it. The guitars have a pretty catchy hook in this song. 

Write Up
I didn't really know what to expect when I put this CD on. I had seen on 4chan a bunch of times and I decided that sometimes, people one 4chan have some good suggestions. In this case, yes it was worth the listen. I think the way I would describe Japandriods is shoegaze mixed in with noise pop. It's faster than My Bloody Valentine, but a little most atmospheric feeling than Sleigh Bells, though it contains the latter's energy. The band conveys a very youthful sound, with lyrics about girls and partying perpetuating this image. It's clear they are entranced by girls, yet don't know how to deal with them. At the end, he just wants to give up. It's just not worth the effort.

But I can tell you something that is worth the effort: listening to this album. It's only 35 minutes. Lyrical brevity is something Japandriods excels at. The album doesn't overstay its welcome. Just like the relationships they mention in the songs, they are passionate, violent affairs, then just end

Would I Listen Again


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