Sunday, June 28, 2009

Perfect Albums?

Now these are not my favorite albums, just albums which don't have a bad song on them. Coincidentally, Underoath is on here twice.

Warped Tour

Yesterday I went to Warped Tour and it sure was amazing. I saw many bands, but only got in three pits. I wanted to get in for Attack! Attack! but they played before I got there. I also wanted to go in for A Day to Remember, but they played at the same time as A Skylit Drive, and there was no way I was going to miss them.

Although there was no way I was going to miss A Skylit Drive, I wouldn't say they were the best show. I would have to say that Underoath put on the best show out of everyone. They played with passion and unrelenting energy. They opened with Breathing in a New Mentality which was the perfect song to start with. Those opening drums are just there to pump you up. "I'm the desperate and you're the savior. I'm the desperate and you're the savior". Then the song just launches and then crowd goes wild. I disloacted my shoulder during their set trying to help someone crowd surf. Last time I do that. After their concert I'm pretty convinced that they are really that good. Lost in the Sound of Seperation might actually be my favorite CD of '08, even in front of Wires...and the Concept of Breathing. Just, the emotion in that CD is amazing.
The Greatest Metalcore Band

Upon further reflection, I found would have to say The Devil Wears Prada was a better show than A Skylit Drive. They were just so good and played all the songs I wanted to hear.

They put on one good show.

is is not to say by any means that A Skylit Drive was bad. They were really good. They had energy and were fun. I guess I was just so dissapointed because they didn't play any She Watched the Sky. Although, that makes sense I guess. I wouldn't expect Underoath to play anything from The Changing of Times or anything. It's just She Watched the Sky is just so much better than anything else by A Skylit Drive and Underoath made good CDs after Dallas left.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Priscilla Ahn


So Warped is rapidly approaching and I'm excited by the second. I've been of course listening to lots and lots of A Skylit Drive. Adelphia is just so good. I can't put it down. Over and over. Then I gave She Watched the Sky another couple listens and it's made me just as excited. A full CD with Jordan will just never happen and it's something I've come to accept. Although, it would still be pretty amazing. Just, She Watched the Sky is just so good and I like Jordan's darkness about the whole thing.
I've also been really pumped about Underoath too. And Dance Gavin Dance. And the pit for Devil Wears Prada will just be amazing. Amazing.

For my birthday, I'm seeing my biggest music crush of all time. Priscilla Ahn. Zomg. She's so amazing. Her songs are just captivating. And she's so pretty. Oh my. Kate actually bought my ticket for me for my birthday. I'm staying at her house to see her in LA. I'm so excited.
Let the anticipation build.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Adelphia: One Day After

I can happily say that I am very very happy with Adelphia. My favorites after a three or four listens have been Prelude to a Dream and See You Around. Both tracks have amazing endings. Prelude has a really catchy chorus. I also really like Children of Adelphia, Those Cannons and Eva. The other tracks are no slouches though. The keyboard is much more involved in this outing than in Wires. It’s refreshing. Still no bass from Brian though, although he never really did do anything. The guitars have improved leaps and bounds however. And Jag is really good on this CD. Vocals were always an important part of ASD and Jag does really well.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009



First Listen

Stand out Tracks:

1. Prelude to a Dream

2. Those Cannons Could Sink a Ship

5. Eva the Carrier

7. The Boy Without a Demon

8. Thank God It’s Cloudy, Because I’m Allergic to Sunlight

10. The Children of Adelphia

11. I Swear This Place is Haunted

12. It’s Not Ironic, It’s Obvious

13. See you Around

Really? Pop Punk


You Me At Six

Like I seem to have a fascination with Really Dumb Pop-Punk. Like out of this world retarded. I’m more just cataloging it for future lulz.Doesn’t that name just sound like it would be pop punk?

A Skylit Drive

I’m totally downloading it right now. EEEEE, I’m so excited. Although, I haven’t heard amazing things. But that’s what they said about last album. And I’m already so down with their other tracks.

Priscilla Ahn

In love. <3


I’ve been very surprised and pleased with Underoath. Lost in the Sound of Separation has been so amazing. And Re-visiting Define the Great Line is Great. I’m so pumped for them at Warped.



01. Prelude to a Dream
02. Those Cannons Could Sink a Ship
03. Heaven
04. Running With the Light
05. Eva the Carrier
06. Worlds End in Whispers Not Bangs
07. The Boy Without a Demon
08. Thank God It’s Cloudy Cause I’m Allergic To Sunlight
09. Air the Enlightenment
10. The Children of Adelphia
11. I Swear this Place is Haunted
12. It’s Not Ironic, it’s Obvious
13. See you Around

Dude. I have this now. I’m literally just quaking from giddy excitement. Prelude to a Dream played. Fantastic. Now Those Cannons is playing. Good song. Amazing Song. I’m going to be listening to this forever. and ever. <3 <3. Man crush is the overtop


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