Sunday, October 24, 2010

New Junk Aesthetic – Every Time I Die

Why I Chose It
Elias really likes this band. And I like this music taste.
Song Impressions
Roman Holiday -Has a pretty cool riff for the whole song. The vocals are interesting.

The Marvelous Slut - Here it goes. It's much faster now and I like the guitar work here. "Why do I give myself away?". short song.

Who Invented The Russian Soldier - More fast, southern sounding hardcore. 

Wanderlust - cool riff at the beginning. different vocals here. I like his changing from singing to yelling.

For The Record - "God knows I've longed to feel something but now's not the time." Pretty good song.

White Smoke - The guitars sound similar to what they have sounded like this whole time. It's good, don't get my wrong, but it's very hard to pick things out of the noise. really chugs at the end. like it.

Turtles All The Way Down - I really like the name for this song. Cool riffing at the beginning. 

Organ Grinder - "All the world's a cage, and we are just animals". I like the way that is sung. Cool background singing. cool breakdown at 3:23.

Host Disorder - cool screams at :59. He sounds like He Is Legend here in song. Not a problem, by any means.

One Quarter Of A Revelation - It's getting back to fast, short songs with intense guitar work. Like the drumming. I can feel the passion from his vocals. I like the breakdown at the end of the song.

The Sweet Life - "Ain't nothing gonna break my stride, ain't nothing gonna slow me down". I like this song

Buffalo 666 - good song. can't tell you anything unique about it.

Goddamn Kids These Days - Ending doesn't let up. More fast, furious southern metal. Good ending.

Write Up
I like He Is Legend. I am listening to another one of their CDs for this project, but I really dig their CD "I Am Hollywood". I also really dig Memphis May Fire, so I think it's fair to say I like southern-ish sounding metal. And this is no different. This CD is fast, loud, angry and most importantly, consistent. It's good the whole way through. Now, they don't really try to reinvent to wheel or the breakdown here or anything, so I can't say that anything really STANDS out. But, I can tell you that if you listen to this CD, and you like this kind of music, you'll not be disappointed.

Probably the most distinguishing feature of the band is Keith Buckley's voice. It's not the same traditional  scream that you would here from other metalcore bands. It's a throaty yell (different than Architects) and it serves the music perfectly. The second best part of the band are the guitars. They do follow a pretty predictable riff pattern, but they meld very nicely with Buckley's voice. Buckely also has the ability to sing rather well, and he uses it to good effect. 

Would I Listen Again?

Yes. It's a very solid album.

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