Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Chief Keef; In a New Light

Chief Keef - Nobody

Found on Rap Genius:

"Following up on the proto-Nietzschian approach first propagated in Hold My Liquor, Nobody finds Keef building on the feelings of emptiness and materialism. The auto-tuned vocals remove the sense of emotion from Keef’s singing, while at the same time adding a layer of vulnerability that speaks to the nihilistic undercurrent that informs Keef’s lyrics. West’s auto-tuned backing vocals only serve to embellish this paradoxical dichotomy, at once glorifying the accumulation of wealth, while at the same time bemoaning a lack of moral direction.

Nobody represents Keef in an existential crisis, torn between two worlds. From a post-modernist perspective, Keefs lyrics and singing exemplify a young man stripped of his values, a de-structured world without meaning and guidance. Nobody understands keef, just as nobody knew the real him in Hold my Liquor. Keef is at once emotionally defenseless, compensating with visceral, tangible shows of force. Covered in a facade of brutality, Nobody really represents a stripped down version of keef, a hollow core masked only by a thin, malleable shell. Nobody isn’t a song, that’s why people are confused; it’s simply an extremely pleasurable audio experience, vibrating at the same frequency of peace & happiness while juxtaposing the ideas of loneliness & depression, ‘nobody’. 

The hum is a basic instinct of expression and desire that any human can do, and at the core level is the basis of music made from within. The autotune represents the reverse of that while still maintaining the similarity of making something sound pleasant, it is a futuristic practice opposed to the hum that began from early human development. the combination of all these factors and more are not unlike the cells which make the organs forming an organism. Nobody is a powerful few minutes of bliss, & often those who are angry by themselves reflect back on positiveness with a negative light." Source