Thursday, October 7, 2010

There Is Hell, Believe Me I've Seen It. There Is a Heaven, Let's Keep It a Secret

Gah, my phone can't 'compose' only 'edit html'. Oh well. So, Scott Joplin bored me, so I wrote this.

So, I've played the new Bring Me the Horizon CD  over and over. I could write a whole track by track analysis if I wanted. It's really good. Almost every track is really amazing. They all sound different enough, and fit well together. Listening to it all the way through does not give the audience that all too familiar feeling of listening to the same song for the duration of an album (*cough*) Whitechapel's new CD (*cough*). There is a Hell doesn't fall into that trap, breaking up the usual sonic assault with slower and more melodic passages. Oli's electronic influence is clearly evident here, with sections like at the end of 'Anthem' or the song 'Memorial'.

Not to say that's the only thing keeping this album from sounding the same. The strongest section of the album are the three songs 'Home Sweet Hole', 'Alligator Blood', and 'Visions'. These three are aggressive, loud and have really catchy choruses. They don't have a break in between and you can easily tell the difference between the songs.

Suicide Season's best moment were the first two tracks. The best part happens when you're reaching the end of "The Comedown" and you know "Chelsea Smile" is about to come on. And as awesome as "Comedown" is, you know "Chelsea Smile" is the better song. But that doesn't stop the appreciation of either one. They create a passage of sound that you want to be immersed all at once. You want it to keep going and also be in the same spot. This kind of momentum that Bring Me The Horizon creates is here in Hell too. The momentum built from "Home" to "Visions" is great, but the better song is "Crucify Me". This song may be the best song BMTH has written to date. The perfect blend of vocal pitch changes, electronica breakdowns, gang vocals and amazing guitar work.

Really Cool Parts of Songs:
Crucify Me- Oli's opening scream of "Crucify Me". The way he sings "I am the ocean, I am the sea". The way he does his emotitive yell of "let's keep it a secret" then death growls "No one needs to know". The call and response of "Save yourself" and then the  gang vocals of "Save your breath".  Light's chanting of "There Is a Hell, Believe Me I've Seen It". The way she pauses on "be-e-lieve me". the "Yea!" at 3:06. The electronica breakdown after Light's second chorus at 4:05. the lyrics "pray for the dead" chanted. The ending "I am the ocean, I am the sea".

Anthem- The opening guitar riff is sweet. The riff at :38. You can hear the chord changes. So sweet. "I hate to say I told you so, but fuck yea I told you so". Vocal growl at 1:30. The vocal yelp at 1:57. The riffs here at 2:00 are great. 3:05 pause. Breakdown at 3:26. Vocal growl of "a dedication to the end of everything".

It Never Ends- almost everything. Opening riff is sweet. Made even better with the synth sounding thing in the background. Then the riff at :25. Oli's call "one more foot in the coffin" with the response gang vocals "One more foot in the grave". The way he screams "thissss" after "how has it come to this?". Then "I've said it once, I've said it twice, I'll say it a thousand FUCKING times, that I'm okay, that I'm fine, that it's all just in my mind" and the background chanting at this part is amazing. The guitar riff at this part is great too. Then "You say this is suicide, I say this is a (gang vocals)war". The guitars chug and then the way he says "We're not losing the battle" and then screams "OH!", with the backing vocals.  Then it comes back and does the opening riff again, with the synth background. Then the ending "Every second, every minute, every hour every day" is really good too.

Fuck- The opening scream of "LETS FUCK". the way he screams "how do you say goodbye?" in the beginning. The held scream of "helloooo". The "let's Fuck, fuck , fuck fuck fuck" part. The guitars at 1:07. The breathing with the beeping leading into the guitars diving. the "Fuck"s at 1:50. The way he screams "hello" at 2:25. The "oh!" at 2:27. The clean vocals of "We all need to love, heart attacks waiting to happen". The duet of Josh and Oli. Oli's screams end up being the better part, but you need to have the clean part.

Don't Go- Guitars at 1:10.

Home Sweet Hole- Opening guitar riff. The way it picks up at :53. "oh shit" at 1:23. the gang vocals call and response. "Home sweet hole" at 1:45. The second "oh shit, I've done it again, I'm way too far in over my head". "yea!" at 3:05. "Home sweet hole" at 4:12.

Alligator Blood- Opening is really cool. "Let's play a game of Russian Roulette. I hold the gun, you place the bets". Guitar riff at :29. scream at :45. Drums leading up to "My Alligator Blood is starting to show". The Alligator Blood is starting to show call and response with gang vocals. 2:38-3:07 sounds like "Chelsea Smile". Matt Nichol's double bass drum kicks during the third time of the chorus "My Alligator blood is starting to show" at 3:23 and the deeper growling. yelp at 3:40. riff at 3:45. The gun sound at 4:04. "Paint the wall with my fucking brains".

Visions-Riff at :50-1:04. "All is fair!", "in love and war so they tell me!", "All is fair!". 1:36 electronic mix. "Bring out the dead" at 1:50. "I've been lying in these trenches far too long"."I never saw a thing until I shut my eyes/ never knew a thing until I lost my mind/ I would have sold my soul to know it all/ that I held the keys all this time!" at 3:15.

Blacklist- "youuuu" at :33. "With friends like you, there's no need for enemies. With friends like you there's no need for (death growl) anything".

Memorial- Good all around instrumental track.

Blessed With a Curse-

Fox and the Wolf- The opening vocals. The way it punches right out the gate. "I think I'm losing my mind". this song has the best lyrics in the whole CD. "You say you'll never be younger, than you are tonight."

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