Thursday, September 10, 2009


Well summer in San Francisco is drawing to a close and I would feel amiss if I didn't at least nominate some CDs and songs for awards that I feel they deserve. I listened to a lot of music this Summer and it will probably be remembered as such.

Song that Will Represent Summer 2009
If It Means A Lot to You - A Day to Remember

Simply the actions that happened when I was listening to this song and the things that it means will memorialize this song for me.

Runner up: A Crater to Cough In- Circle Takes the Square.
Best Hardcore Song
A Crater to Cough In- Circle Takes the Square.

This Song is one the greatest songs I have ever heard. The musicianship that went in to this song is astounding. It builds slowly, with a four minute instrumental that lulls you into some sense of peace. Then it builds into the vocals. The music shifts perfectly from slow to fast in about 5 seconds. The double bass pedal is used perfectly in this song, highlights the most intense parts in the song. It rides like a roller coaster, with the song ending in a crescendo of sound and music, perfectly concentrating everything that Circle Takes the Square is into 30 seconds of perfect music. This song kicks ass.

Runner up: When The Sun Sleeps- Underoath

Best Indie Song
In a Tree- Priscilla Ahn

The song's sweetness and tenderness really is amazing. It came at a perfect time and refused to get out of my head for the longest time. Plus, she preformed it perfectly live.

Runner up: Titus Andronicus- Titus Andronicus

Best Rap Song
Stuntin' Like My Daddy- Lil Wayne and Birdman

Bitch I'm paid, that's all I gotta say.

Runner up- A Milli- Lil Wayne

Best Punk Song
Patient Ferris Wheel- The Gaslight Anthem

This song is a good song. It moves quickly and almost everything in the chorus can be a catch phrase. Fun Song.

Runner up: Incomplete- Bad Religion.

Best Out of Place Song
Meet Me At Fantasy Island- Super Mash Bros

This song's mash up is one the most perfect I've heard in the realm of mash ups. It blends Creed perfectly with Nelly and then Blink 182 and Nelly. Then brings in A Milli at the right time. It works very very well.

Runner Up: Paparazzi- Lady Gaga.

Artist that Will Represent Summer 2009
A Day to Remember

Simply the amount that I listened to Homesick this summer will make ADTR the artist that I think of when I think of this summer.

Runner up: Underoath

Best Hardcore Artist
Circle Takes the Square
How could this not be the winner? As the Roots Undo is such an amazing CD that I would be hard pressed to really give this to anyone else.
Runner up: Underoath
Best Indie Artist
Titus Andronicus

This band was introduced to me mid way through summer and I really enjoyed their CD. It's chalk full of literary references (Titus Andronicus. Cmon) and fun puns (Arms Against Atrophy). It makes for a good time and a fun artist.

Runner Up: Animal Collective.
Best Rap Artist
Lil Wayne

This dude sucks, but he makes some catchy songs that do make you feel much cooler than you are. To me, that's what rap is suppose to do.

Runner up: MikeyWhiskeyHands
Best Punk Artist
Gaslight Anthem

No question about it, these guys rock. They are like if Jack Kerouac played music.

Runner up: Bad Religion
Best Out of Place Artist
Super Mash Bros

These guys rule the mash up scene. They are up there with Girl Talk, though Girl Talk still manages to be better. But this is about new artists, not old ones.

Runner up: Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Best New Artist
Circle Takes the Square

Runner up: The Gaslight Anthem

Best Old Artist
A Skylit Drive
Somehow, these guys stay relevant to me. They make catchy music that somehow still has meaning after all this time.

Runner up: Underoath
CD that will represent Summer 2009
A Day to Remember- Homesick
Again, surprised at all?

Runner up: As the Roots Undo- Circle Takes the Square
Best Indie CD
The Airing of Grievances- Titus Andronicus

If you didn't see this coming, I feel bad for you.

Runner up: Hospice- The Antlers

Best Hardcore CD
Besides As the Roots Undo:
Lost in the Sound of Separation- Underoath

This CD is an amazing CD. It's instrumentals wind around the vocals and help it deal a real blow to the listener. It swirls in and out of desperation, hopelessness and then finally redemption. This is Underoath at their finest.

Runner up: A Skylit Drive- Adelphia
Best Rap CD
Tha Carter III- Lil Wayne

This CD has some solid singles on it, but nothing to much else. Supposedly it's really good, but I haven't listened to enough of it to judge that. Rap doesn't strike me as the kind of music with entire CDs.
Best Punk CD
The '59 Sound- The Gaslight Anthem

I'm rather boring, actually.

Runner Up: Document 8- Pg.99
Best Out of Place CD
Merriweather Post Pavilion- Animal Collective

Now, this CD is hipster garbage. But it's good and interesting hipster garbage that seems to keep being good somehow.

Runner Up: Fuck Bitches, Get Euros- Super Mash Brothers

Best CD of the Summer
As The Roots Undo- Circle Takes the Square

Was their really any doubt? This CD is the best CD I have ever heard and the amount of praise that I heap upon this so regularly is absurd. I've said everything that I can about this CD so I'm going to say anymore.

Runners Up:
The '59 Sound- The Gaslight Anthem
Eingya- Helios
Lost in the Sound of Separation- Underoath
Adelphia- A Skylit Drive