Friday, October 22, 2010

Juturna- Circa Survive

Why I Chose It
Cause my roommate Even really likes them. And Kearny did too. Another one of those CDs I'm suppose to like. Or at least know.

Live Blog
Holding Someone's Hair Back - Anthony Green's voice is the best part of this band. Just like Jonny Craig is of Emarosa. But Green's lyrics are certainly better than Craig's. Not to say that I like them more though. They all have this odd, 3rd person perspective to them. Not like he's singing to someone, rather about them in a narrator's/ storyteller's point of view. I'm not sure I like it. 

Act Appalled - I don't know. It sounded like more Circa Survive.

Wish Resign - The guitars create a very tense atmosphere. They have some pretty cool riffs but they're hard to pick out sometimes. They're too buried in noise. Green's voice sounds nice, sure. But it doesn't sound like it has passion. 

The Glorious Nosebleed - 1:47 has a nice calm part. 

In Fear and Faith - It's good. But it just lacks energy. I'm also distracted right now. This is kinda boring. Maybe if I stopped and listened I'd like it. But isn't music suppose to hook me in?

The Great Golden Baby - It's good. 

Stop The Fuckin' Car - I know this song. "this operation's been abandoned once again" is sung in an annoying way? I think I can't quite put my finger on it but I don't like it. The guitar's are good enough. I think I need more time listening to really pick out good parts?

We're All Thieves - It's got a nice breakdown in the middle. The drums sound like jazz actually. A very light, etheral atmosphere. Green's voice sorta interwinds with the music.

Oh, Hello - Best guitar riff on the CD. Really good and energetic. This song has the most heart behind it of any on the CD. 

Always Getting What You Want - Another slower pace song. Not bad, but nothing special

Meet Me in Montauk - I found out this song is a reference to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind, so I sorta automatically like it. It's just the generic slow song at the end of the song but it ends on a weird note.

Write Up
I never agreed to be kind to every CD I listen to during these 30 days. I just wanted to broaden my musical horizons and that's what I'm doing. I'm finding out that Circa Survive, is only ok. In no way do I think they are bad. They're not. They're just....generic. And boring. Anthony Green may have a nice voice, but I don't hear him use it to great effect. Jonny Craig's "Tailored Sheets!!!" at the very beginning of his first CD with Emarosa has more heart, passion and energy than anything found on this CD. It sounds like Green is sorta indifferent to what he's singing about. The guitars are good, but they don't really make up for his lack of passion. The best riff on the CD is at the beginning of "Oh, Hello".

Overall, a competent CD. I'm sure if I listened more I'd pick up on the subtitles on the guitar work and the drumming and Anthony's signing. But for now, upon first listen, I am not impressed.

Would I Listen Again?

I'd have to if I wanted to like it.

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