Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What kind of music did I listen to in 5th-12th grade?

Smash Mouth
-AstroLounge 4th grade, summer of 7th grade
Linkin Park
-Hybrid Theory (5th grade)
-Meteora (summer before and 8th grade)
-Start Something (8th grade)
blink 182
-Enema of the State (4th grade)
-blink 182 (8th grade)
Sum 41
-All Killer No Filler (8th grade)
-Does This Look Infected? (Summer before 9th grade)
-Chuck (10th grade)
-"Air Force Ones", "Rid Wit Me", "Shake Ya Tailfeathers (7th grade)
-The Eminem Show (6th grade)
Good Charlotte
-The Young and the Hopeless (8th grade)
Weird Al
-Poodle Hat (7th Grade)
Limp Bizkit
-Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water (edited)(5th grade)
Papa Roach
Jimmy eat World
-"The Middle", "Sweetness" (Summer before 8th grade)
A Teens
-Teen Spirit (Summer before 6th grade)
Aaron Carter
-Aaron's Party (Come and Get It) (don't remember exactly, but I think 5th grade-6th grade probably)
-Oh Aaron (6th-beginning of 7th grade)
Green Day
-Warning (5th-6th grade)
-Dookie (7th Grade)
-Insomniac + Nimrod (9th-10th grade)
-American Idiot (9th grade)
Rise Against
- Sufferer and the Witness - (11th Grade)
- Appeal to Reason (Freshman Year of College)
Avenged Sevenfold
-Waking the Fallen (9th-10th grade)
-City of Evil (summer of 10th grade)
-Self-Titled (end of 12th grade)
-The Curse (10th grade)
-Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses (10th-11th grade)
-saw at Warped 2006, didn't get that into until 10th grade with Writing and the Walls. (Iris and Chey)
Relient K
-MMHMM (hume lake in 10th grade, I knew all the words. so at least since 9th grade)
-two lefts (9th-11th)
-decemberunderground (10th-11th grade)
-Sing the Sorry (8th grade)
-Frail Wings of Vanity and Wax ( late 11th grade-12th grade)
-The Emptiness (sophomore year of college)
Between the Buried and Me
-Alaska (11th grade)
-The Silent Circus (11th grade)
-Colors (12th grade)
-Self-Titled (summer before 12th grade)
Tech N9ne
-MLK, Everready (11th grade)
Fall Out Boy
-Take This To Your Grave, From Under the Cork Tree (summer before 10th grade)
-Infinity on High (France during 11th grade)
HORSE the Band
-Pizza (end of 12th grade)
Barenaked Ladies
-Stunt, Everything to Everyone (8th grade)
-Are Me (11th grade)
The Offspring
-Americana (5th Grade)
-Splinter (9th grade)
The Academy is...
-Almost Here (10th grade)
Dance Gavin Dance
-DBM1 (12th Grade)
A Skylit Drive
-She Watched the Sky, Wires (12th Grade)
System of a Down
-Toxicity (8th grade)

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