Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Really? Pop Punk


You Me At Six

Like I seem to have a fascination with Really Dumb Pop-Punk. Like out of this world retarded. I’m more just cataloging it for future lulz.Doesn’t that name just sound like it would be pop punk?

A Skylit Drive

I’m totally downloading it right now. EEEEE, I’m so excited. Although, I haven’t heard amazing things. But that’s what they said about last album. And I’m already so down with their other tracks.

Priscilla Ahn

In love. <3


I’ve been very surprised and pleased with Underoath. Lost in the Sound of Separation has been so amazing. And Re-visiting Define the Great Line is Great. I’m so pumped for them at Warped.



01. Prelude to a Dream
02. Those Cannons Could Sink a Ship
03. Heaven
04. Running With the Light
05. Eva the Carrier
06. Worlds End in Whispers Not Bangs
07. The Boy Without a Demon
08. Thank God It’s Cloudy Cause I’m Allergic To Sunlight
09. Air the Enlightenment
10. The Children of Adelphia
11. I Swear this Place is Haunted
12. It’s Not Ironic, it’s Obvious
13. See you Around

Dude. I have this now. I’m literally just quaking from giddy excitement. Prelude to a Dream played. Fantastic. Now Those Cannons is playing. Good song. Amazing Song. I’m going to be listening to this forever. and ever. <3 <3. Man crush is the overtop

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