Thursday, June 11, 2009


So Warped is rapidly approaching and I'm excited by the second. I've been of course listening to lots and lots of A Skylit Drive. Adelphia is just so good. I can't put it down. Over and over. Then I gave She Watched the Sky another couple listens and it's made me just as excited. A full CD with Jordan will just never happen and it's something I've come to accept. Although, it would still be pretty amazing. Just, She Watched the Sky is just so good and I like Jordan's darkness about the whole thing.
I've also been really pumped about Underoath too. And Dance Gavin Dance. And the pit for Devil Wears Prada will just be amazing. Amazing.

For my birthday, I'm seeing my biggest music crush of all time. Priscilla Ahn. Zomg. She's so amazing. Her songs are just captivating. And she's so pretty. Oh my. Kate actually bought my ticket for me for my birthday. I'm staying at her house to see her in LA. I'm so excited.
Let the anticipation build.

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