Saturday, September 4, 2010

Kanye West

Anyone see Kanye's recent manifesto on twitter? Dude wrote out a very long apology to Taylor Swift, 160 characters at a time.

This is why Kanye West is my favorite rapper. He does what he wants and he says what he feels. He comes across a lot of the times as an asshole, but that's because most people are assholes. He's just not shy.
He made 808s and Heartbreaks knowing everyone would hate it. Guess what, everyone did. He made the CD that he wanted to make. God know's /mu/ hates it when bands or artists sell out and make music for money. 

Idk. It doesn't seem like any other rapper is capable of being "real" like Kanye is. I can't see Jay-Z, lil wayne, or any other mainstream rapper doing this. I like it.

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