Monday, May 31, 2010


I can't stop listening to All Time Low. Put Up or Shut Up is such an amazing EP. Each song on there is really good. And now that I just got their live CD, I don't see stopping. I'm listening to Poppin' Champagne right now and it sounds better than the studio version. That's really impressive when a live CD can sound as good or better than the studio.

PS. They may overtake a lot of bands in my charts soon. This live CD is amazing. I can't believe how good his voice is. He can like. Actually sing. And they all can play. Not that it's really that hard. But they can. And they're like. 22. What. But I'm going to listening to this, Put Up or Shut Up and Party Scene a lot. Not to mention that So Wrong It's Right is still going to be getting a lot of plays. Because it's really good. Nothing personal is good too. But IDK. not having all the songs kinda bugs me. And the fact that they are all different sound qualities doesn't help. It just bugs me for some reason.

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