Sunday, June 28, 2009

Warped Tour

Yesterday I went to Warped Tour and it sure was amazing. I saw many bands, but only got in three pits. I wanted to get in for Attack! Attack! but they played before I got there. I also wanted to go in for A Day to Remember, but they played at the same time as A Skylit Drive, and there was no way I was going to miss them.

Although there was no way I was going to miss A Skylit Drive, I wouldn't say they were the best show. I would have to say that Underoath put on the best show out of everyone. They played with passion and unrelenting energy. They opened with Breathing in a New Mentality which was the perfect song to start with. Those opening drums are just there to pump you up. "I'm the desperate and you're the savior. I'm the desperate and you're the savior". Then the song just launches and then crowd goes wild. I disloacted my shoulder during their set trying to help someone crowd surf. Last time I do that. After their concert I'm pretty convinced that they are really that good. Lost in the Sound of Seperation might actually be my favorite CD of '08, even in front of Wires...and the Concept of Breathing. Just, the emotion in that CD is amazing.
The Greatest Metalcore Band

Upon further reflection, I found would have to say The Devil Wears Prada was a better show than A Skylit Drive. They were just so good and played all the songs I wanted to hear.

They put on one good show.

is is not to say by any means that A Skylit Drive was bad. They were really good. They had energy and were fun. I guess I was just so dissapointed because they didn't play any She Watched the Sky. Although, that makes sense I guess. I wouldn't expect Underoath to play anything from The Changing of Times or anything. It's just She Watched the Sky is just so much better than anything else by A Skylit Drive and Underoath made good CDs after Dallas left.

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