Saturday, April 13, 2013


Tyler the Creator's newest album WOLF is a superb album. It's also a concept album. In the previous albums, Goblin and Bastard Tyler has had been in therapy with Dr TC, who is revealed to be Tyler's imagination at the end of Goblin. In Wolf, it starts out by introducing the listener to Sam, who is aggressive and violent. Sam is introduced to Wolf, who is shy, artistic and introverted, by Dr TC. All of these characters are at Camp Flog Gnaw. However, I believe that Camp Flog Gnaw is actually all in Tyler's head.

One of the best lines comes at the end of the album WOLF when Tyler (who is probably Sam in this song) says, "If you think I'm fucking koo-koo, Try talking to my shrink then" (which is a reference to the albums Goblin and Bastard) and then Dr TC goes "hey", like saying "what's up? why did you say that?" to which Sam responds, "Bitch" and Dr TC says, "I'm right here" (reminding Tyler that Dr TC is at Camp Flog Gnaw) and then Wolf asks, "Yo who's that?" (which is a very clever turn, because we dont know if Wolf is talking about Dr TC or Salem. We're not really sure that any of these people are real, so this may be Tyler's egos finding out about each other), but Sam responds, "Thats Salem, That's my girlfriend, You stay the fuck away from her alright?". But We're not sure that Salem is real either. Iff Camp Flog is Tyler's imagination, a world entirely in his head, then the characters in it are all himself as well. That would mean Salem would be based off of someone, but its entirely his own construction. This would mean he's making up this girl, and he's basically worshipping someone who doesn't exist.

He's conflicted about these parts of his life knowing about each other and interacting. They're all different sides of Tyler's personality, they all embody him in some way. That's why every song is from a character's point of view, but has Tyler's own personal life intertwined with it.

Favorite songs are either Rusty, Slater or Bimmer. But Jamba, Cowboy, Domo23, Pigs, Tamale, and even Trashwang are really good as well. Just a winner of a CD,

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