Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Writing about Music

Writing about Music is like dancing about architecture.

Shit. That means this blog is useless.

Best band at Warped: Bring Me the Horizon. Then Pierce the Veil. But I also really enjoyed Alesana and Emarosa. You Me at Six was good. I liked that Oli came on to help them. Especially the face he was making. He looked drunkkk.

Yea, I'm really liking Pierce the Veil's new CD, Selfish Machines. Granted, the lyrics are really personal, almost bordering on the edge of over dramatic. But it's always been said to write what you know, so Vic can't be faulted for doing that. He seems to know a lot of about relationships. The CD title is in reference to how people are selfish animals when it comes to feelings and relationships. They only take for themselves.

Of all the songs, "The Boy Who Could Fly" is the best track of the CD. It's suppose to be coming from punk roots, something evident in Mike's really fast kick drumming. It's not double bass, it takes more talent then that. His drums rolls through the chorus are really well placed. The guitar riffs during this song are really good. The picking during the chorus is especially cool. Then, coming out of the first chorus, the chugging that it does it good, feeling that the song is about to take off. It's all well placed palm mutes with open chords every second or third strum. The emotional crescendo at the line "because without you there is no me" is paralleled by little else in the CD, after which the guitars really break down.

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