Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Timbre of a Voice

I do have many things to talk about in music. Though I don't really know how to connect them all. Firsssst.
Well, let's take the best voices in music (save maybe Anthony Green) and make them all do harmonies together. Yes, Jonny Craig, Craig Owens and Vic Fuentas all sound fantastic together. I want a fully produced and finished E.P. I demand it.
Jonny Craig. Jonny Jonny Jonny. What an amazing vocalist. He's emphatic and passionate. His solo project's CD should be good. I'm really digging the song Istillfeelher Part III. Let's hope the rest is just as good. It's also too bad he messes up bands.
This CD is amazing. Jonny here isn't the main focus, rather an intricate part of the entire package. He's so amazing. Yet Jonathon Mess's screaming is also standout and incredible here. So good.
Speaking of Isles and Glaciers, this CD is also very good. I can't wait for the new one.
Speaking of really good CDs, this one is fucking amazing as well. The lyrics are happily insightfully angsty. The music is fast and fun. I need to listen to more things like this. Let's talk about the stuff I'm listening that's bad.
Bad Romance is a catchy song, what can I say?

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